Since we arrived really early we decided to go for brunch. After checking from Zomato it suggested us to go for Zenith.

Egg Zenith

When we arrived as always there was a queue for it. You give your names and then wait for a waitress to call you.

Turmeric Latte and Mocha

I tried golden latte which is cooked with turmeric and ginger. Bruno went for a classic mocha. We ordered egg benedict, eggs zenith, and pancakes. It was way more delicious than we expected and I said: “it is worth to wait under the rain just to eat these delicious foods!”.

Cone and Cherry

If you are a person who wants to eat sweets while traveling, this place is a perfect match for you. A place with pancakes, waffles, cherry cones, and chimney cakes. Sweet or sour. Besides the sweet kinds of stuff, they also have salads. The place also has vegan and gluten-free foods.

If you have some intolerance or some health problems. This place is suitable for you. You mention your needs to them and they just adjust the recipes as you want! For two-person approximately it cost max 20 euros.


This place is also for sweet lovers. Prices are a bit lower than Cone and Cherry but also amount is smaller too. They have daily toppings.

Pimms burger

I think this is a very new place because before I come to Porto I was checking where we could eat and I never came across this restaurant. Even I checked from the google maps it still not exists. So I will explain where exactly it is. The address is Rua Trindade Coelho 36.

Pimms Burger

It has mainly burgers and pizzas. We tried to go for dinner because of the decorative lights. Since I can not eat everything I kindly asked them to change some of the recipes and they accepted. We ate burgers. The good thing is they fry the real potato, not the frozen ones. Also, the serving was so nice and the burger was fulfilling our desires, we got out so happy with what we ate.

Sushi san

In Portugal, it is very common that you may find some Brazilian people that are working in Asian restaurants. I personally find it very weird because I think I expect the food is coming from the original hands. However, the results are quite okay because they just adapt the plates as you wish. I do not like the seaweed part of the sushi so I requested some sushi without seaweed. They were so kind and brought the foods that we asked for. It was delicious and I recommend.

There are many other things that you may find interesting. It is very common to see in everywhere Francesinha. I did not eat it because i really didn’t like it. But if you want to try and experience it yourself, go for it!

PS: I think I am the only one who doesn’t like Francesinha, Lol

Enjoy your vacation!

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