We all love to share things on Instagram. Like colorful foods, all those sparkling stuff… But almost all of us forget about calories because when I eat something I always think about calories cause I am a person who can gain weight like a second! (That sucks I know)

Since I know my metabolism, I always search or create for less caloric stuff. Also, I have the lactose intolerance and plus to that, I am a Muslim. So things that I could eat are very limited.

Most of the dietitians are suggesting us to eat fruit when we desire sweets. Sometimes this can be impossible but at least we can make fruits more desirable.

Here is the receipt for Small Strawberry Bites;

  • Strawberries
  • Dark chocolate( more percentage of cacao preferable)
  • Little candies

Steps to prepare Bites;

  • Melt the chocolate
  • Take off the green leaves of the strawberry
  • Apply the chocolate on the strawberries
  • Strew the candies on the mix
  • Leave it in the fridge at least half an hour

Well done.

Hope you will enjoy small bites because they are all delicious and healthy (if you don’t eat all)

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