Things to see in Porto,

I don’t know where to start but when you step in Porto you feel like “Am I in a Harry Potter movie or something?” So let’s start with my observations about Porto.

Porto is a city with tiny streets, colorful buildings, large windows, and shiny tiles. You feel like you could walk as much as you can to feel the mystic spirit in the air.  

We came to Porto with Ryanair from Lisbon and it took approximately 1 hour. After landing we wanted to go to the center to start seeing attractions. We started with Livraria Lello because from what I heard it is always very crowded. So it was our first destination.

Carmo Church (Igreja do Carmo)

The church that covered with blue tiles. There is not much to say from my side because it shows the real Portuguese culture. You can see that there are lots of people are coming here to see the church.

Livraria Lello

When you enter the building you will be seeing some wooden stairs that have a red carpet on it.  It seems so fancy that makes you feel like you are living like in old centuries. Those stairs seem like they are made from wood but unfortunately, they are imitated.

About the Harry Potter story, when you climb the upstairs you will be seeing some Harry Potter books that are signed by J.K. Rowling. The books are reserved in a glass box. Also near the glass box, you can see the new editions of all different Harry Potter books that you can buy. Prices start from 20 euros and more. You can use your ticket to discount when you buy a book. The ticket was 5 euros so if you buy a book that costs 20 euros, in the end, you will be only paying 15 euros.

You can also see some stamps set from Harry Potter that Fantastic Beasts. It has two wax stick, a notebook, and a stamp. It costs 44 euros.

The ceiling of the bookstore is quite impressive because it has a really good touch from old centuries.

Clerigos Church (Igreja de Clerigos)

It is a church and tower together waving their hands to Porto sky. It is a very iconic building that you can see it from most of the streets. Entrance for this building is 10 euros. It has really tiny stairs to climb to see the Porto’s panoramic view. If you are claustrophobic I wouldn’t suggest you climb the tower.


It is a nice boulevard with colorful buildings. You can see the old and traditional architecture at one point. You can sit near the river and watch the sunset while the boats are going through the river. Seagulls and pigeons that are fighting with each for a small piece of bread. Such a lovely place.

Luis 1 Bridge (Ponte Luis 1)

Before I go to Porto some of my colleagues were saying that the bridge was made with the same materials that they used in Eiffel Tower. Then after visiting “Palacio de Bolsa” the lady who was guiding us told us that it is not correct. The only connection between Eiffel and this bridge is that this bridge was designed one of Eiffel’s student.

Teleferico de Gaia

We crossed the river by using the upper side of the bridge. Then we decided to go downwards with using the cable car. It cost 6 euros per person and the cars can be only for you or some people don’t mind having other people in the car.

We had a funny moment, we wanted to ride the car with my husband alone, and we waited for the empty car to arrive. One old couple just jumped into the car speaking in Portuguese. They start mocking with us saying that “ahh these young people want to be alone in the car oh let’s ruin it, people are waiting, poor them they lost the chance to be alone hahaha” So we understood them cause we both know Portuguese. We did not tell them we knew the language cause it is quite embarrassing.

So with the tickets, you will have also the option to drink one cup of wine just to taste.

While we were going downwards I saw the quite famous rabbit which is recycled from unused materials.

Near the river, you can see some of the cafe/bars that you can just sit and watch the river.

Palacio de Bolsa

I just discovered this place via google because most of the people did not recommend or they were not aware of the palace.

Palacio do Bolsa

It is built in the 19th of the Century and designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The tickets are 10 euros and they offer you a guide. The most important detail about this building is that they use a very specific wooden that bedbugs are not being able to harm to wood because the taste is very sour.

This place also can be used to rent for celebrations or weddings. They have specific rooms like the Arab room, music room and all that. You should definitely go and visit to see the perfect palace in Porto.


It is very common to see tiles everywhere. I was always wondering why they were using a lot of tiles on buildings because some of them were looking horrible. Then I discovered that because of the humidity normal walls becomes mossy and it smells really bad. But moss can’t survive on the tiles. So that was a really good trick to avoid smelly and dirty look.    

Sao Bento Railway Station

Sao Bento Station

A place with full of tiles and all of tiles are telling you a story.

There are many other churches that you can see, to me they all look the same, so i didn’t visit. Instead I wanted to spent time near the river, watching sunset with my husband.

Hope you guys enjoy Porto!

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